Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anyone want to rate or post a review on Lulu?

I've been hearing from some of you who've finished the book: THANK YOU so much! I'm really, really glad you've enjoyed it!

Could I ask you a favor? When you finish the book, could you go to Lulu and rate it and/or review it?, the only place where you can buy Waking Rose just now, has a space for reviews (like Amazon does). They also have stars for rating. I think giving it a rating (up to five stars) is a one-click type of thing. But if you want to scroll down and leave a review in the "Reviews" section, I'd definitely appreciate it! Say what you liked best about the book - but try not to post any spoilers!

Click here to go to the Waking Rose page on Lulu. Thanks in advance!

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regina doman said...

Oh my! THANK YOU everyone who wrote a review! I was amazed to see them all tonight when I logged in. THANKS so much!

I forgot to mention the hardcover version: if you posted a review for the softcover, you could probably cut and paste to add it to the hardcover. That link is:

You all are awesome! THANK YOU!!!