Friday, November 30, 2007

Doing some Updates...

I am hoping to have the revised edition of Black as Night that has the correct birthdays up on the website tonight. So if any of you were waiting to buy the corrected version, you can get it now.

Also *THANK YOU* to those of you who sent in typos for Waking Rose. I have corrected all of them (including the one someone just posted) plus more that were not caught. I've also changed the font to be the same as the other two books, since we had a few - not many! - complaints. So I've officially changed over to the Second Edition of Waking Rose, which is what is available for sale now.

Also in the works for 2008 is yet another revised edition of The Shadow of the Bear. Mainly it's because I've been wanting to revise the first chapter, and cut out some of the talky parts that don't have much to do with the plot. Thanks mostly to my wonderful husband, I'm preparing to release that by the end of this month. This will make the 2007 10th Anniversary Edition a real collectible, one that won't be available after 2007 is over.

Oh, and JUST when I've finished with revising the first three books, decided to offer a smaller size novel format after all -- one that is remarkably similar to the size of the original books!

(*fumes and stomps around the room*)

Now, it's not EXACTLY the same size - it's about a 1/4" bigger than the original Shadow and Black as Night, but if any of you express interest in having this smaller size, I might just consider trying it out, at least for Waking Rose. I still think the books would look better in smaller sizes, though the hefty 6"x9"'s have grown on me after a while. (BTW the prices would be the same, not cheaper, because a smaller book has more pages, hence costs more...)

So feel free to post your opinion! (deep sigh) I'd like to finish revising and just work on a new book-- soon!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Introducing the FairyTaleNovel Forums!

Thanks to blog reader and book fan Elenatintil, I am now pleased to present the Fairy Tale Novel Forums, which she has set up for us on Proboards. I have a link to the forums on the Fairy Tale pages, and I'll post a link on the sidebar here as well.

I had thought you could use a Google account to sign in, but folks are telling me that you can't cross over : so -- you'll have to set up an account to sign up, but they don't require much information to create an account (just the usual birthdate, required by law for minors, etc.). I hope you all can make it over there!

That way, the conversations that you all have started here can continue freely without having to wait for comment moderation by me. :) And you can start your own topics as well. I'll still have a Q&A area to take questions, and I'll probably still post some questions on the blog, but I think this new forum will allow for a more fluid discussion.

BTW some topics currently being discussed are: guessing the names of the "twelve princesses" in The Midnight Dancers, other favorite books and movies, and finding pictures of real dresses that resemble the prom dresses Blanche and Rose wore in The Shadow of the Bear! (I'm amazed at how creative you all are!)

So come on over and check out the new forums!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Send me your typos for Waking Rose!

If I could ask a favor - a select few of you have sent me emails with typos you caught in Waking Rose: right now I'm preparing to reformat the book in a new font. If you would like to help making Waking Rose even better for other readers, email me at with the page numbers of any typos you catch.

Many thanks in advance!

Questions on Black as Night and Shadow


I wanted to make another topic for posting questions until we get the message board up (yes, a very kind and energetic fan is making one! More news soon!) for questions about Black as Night and Shadow of the Bear. Please post any questions here (as well as ones you may have sent me before that I forgot to answer).

I'll start with some from Clare:

In Black as Night at one point Bear and Blanche are talking on the phone and he mentions that he was angry about something but he didn't want to talk about it. My friends and I were talking about it and wondering if it was at that point that Bear knew about all the things that had happened to Fish while he was captured by Freet or did he already know before then?

Oooh, very good question! I think that it would be best to say that in this instance, Bear was angry at his father in a general sense, because something in his conversation with Blanche had inadvertently touched on that. But as you can see, Bear had a lot to forgive his father for, including forgiving him for everything that had happened to both brothers simply because their father was *not there* to help or protect them.

Also, Bear knew from the get-go what a nasty person Mr. Freet was and it didn't take long for him to get out of his brother what had happened to him. Both brothers tended to be very careful and protective of what they told the sisters.

Q: In Waking Rose, when Rose first finds out that Blanche is pregnant Blanche mentions that she and Bear were looking into maybe having a homebirth but later when Bear comes to Fish in the hospital and tells Fish that Benedict Michael was born and that they named him after him he never mentions if it was a homebirth or not. So I guess what i am asking is: was it?

A: Another good question. I believe that it was.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Rose Brier!

Just a quick post in honor of "the most awesome character so far" as one poster put it. :)
It's also the birthday of one of my sisters today: happy birthday Jessy! Like Rose, Jessy is funny, spunky, and adventurous, and although she doesn't have red hair, and her husband reminds me far more of Bear than of Fish, I've always told her she could be the heroine of a novel. She's expecting her first baby right now, so if you think of it, say a prayer for her and little Foo-foo! (as she calls him/her).