Monday, January 7, 2008

Want to Preview the New Shadow?

For those of you who are part of the Fairy Tale Novel Forum (but maybe haven't visited in a few days): go over now and check out the first ten chapters of a new version of The Shadow of the Bear. Here's a sample of what we wrote on the forum:

A few months ago, my husband began something he's been wanting me to do for a while: revise the opening chapters of The Shadow of the Bear.

You may ask, why?

I always knew the opening chapters of were a bit slow. I mean, it was my first book, and I find openings really hard to write. But I didn't really intend to do anything about it, especially since the books were owned by Bethlehem.

Now that we own the rights to the books once again, my husband decided that we should do some revisions. Thanks mainly to his hard work and spurring me on, I revised the book -- again. But unlike previous revisions, which mainly cleaned up typos and inconsistencies in the book, this revision contains actual changes, omissions, and rearrangments of material.

Was this a good idea, to tamper with something that so many of you love?

Well, you can tell us!

My husband just posted a link to a pdf of the first ten chapters of the new edition: the first ten chapters are where most of the changes are. (We agreed that the end of the book is just fine as it is).

We want to ask you on the forum if you would do us the honor of reading these chapters and giving us your feedback on what you think of them.You don't have to like them: we want honest criticism and this is the time to give it.

Being a child of the 80's, I remember the "New Coke" disaster: how Coca-Cola decided to change the recipe of their famous soda and everyone hated it. The outcry was so great that they quickly introduced "Classic Coke" and eventually quietly took "New Coke" off the market and "Classic Coke" eventually became "Coke" again.

I really don't want this new edition to be a "New Coke" disaster. So please read and tell us, especially if you *don't* like it. Obviously we're hoping these changes make the book better and more exciting. But if we're off the mark, please tell us so.

Thanks so much in advance for your help!


Alyssa said...

Regina- Is it at all possible that you could post a link on this blog so that blog readers can preview the chapters? I've been excited to read them, but I can't go to the forum, so I was hoping that would be possible? Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I agree with Alyssa's comment- I can't go on the forum but I'd love to preview the chapters! Is there any way we can see them too?

regina doman said...

I don't want to put a link up here, but how about this? If you want to read the chapters, email me at and I'll send you the link?

Alyssa said...

Thanks so much!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you!!!!

miss fishy said...

I am having a problem...when I type in it takes me to instead. The same thing happens when I clicked on the link to the revised this just my problem?

regina doman said...

No, it was a server problem that was thankfully just resolved today. The links should work now: go ahead and try.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with Alyssa-- but I will email you about it, thank you!

Also, I will read it because I'm a die hard fan, but I really, REALLY would be upset if you changed it.

I got a book on the history of Coca-Cola for Christmas last year, and I know all about the "New Coke." DON'T CHANGE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!