Monday, January 14, 2008

You Know You're a Fairy Tale Novel Fan If...

Elenatintil started this post on the Fairy Tale Novel forums, and I was so tickled by it that I decided to post some excerpts here. Feel free to add your own in the comments boxes.

You know you're a Fairy Tale Novel fan when...

You analyze every guy by comparing him to Bear or Fish

You pretend to be Blanche and Rose when you go shopping in a thrift store. (And look at things you would never look at simply because they did)

If your friends/siblings do something that annoys you, you threaten to put their head in a box of styrofoam balls

You dye your hair black or red to match one of the Brier sisters.

You're constantly telling your friends that they remind you of Bear, Fish, Blanche or Rose (even when they don't know anything about the books)

If the name Sacra Cor makes you smile and start talking about swords and martial arts

When you consider naming a pet Bear or Fish, to the complete confusion of all around you.

When you have started reading Jane Austen and G.K. Chesterton in honour of the Brier sisters. ( I had never read anything by either until I read 'Shadow.' )

When your copy of Waking Rose is in terrible condition after only owning it a few weeks.

When you plan a trip to Steubenville in honor of Mercy College

When the only reason you even *know* about Steubenville is because of the FT novels

When bears and fish are forever linked together in your mind.

You know you're a FT fan when you hear about a friend who's going to go to the University of Pitt. and you get all excited about it!!

You think a guy is completely worthless unless he knows anything about martial arts or swords.

You're always worried about being framed with drugs showing up in your room/car/locker.

Swing-dancing is now the only kind of dancing you'll participate in. Because it's REAL dancing.

If the car behind you is still there after two turns, you know you're being followed by a hired assassin.

You never forget to turn your cell-phone off in the Metro.

You've planned your wedding to be exactly like Blanche's.

When you see something with sequins and it reminds you of Rose and Blanche's prom dresses.

And then when you notice that the sequins are coming off, you wonder if you would be able to fix them with safety pins.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is too fun! How about adding..."When you find yourself randomly praying for either Fish, Bear, Blanche or Rose throughout the day."

Anonymous said...

Hehehe! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! 99% of that is so totally true for me...

Miss Doman, I had a question. I'm not sure if you can answer it, but my friends, sister, and I (who have all read and LOVED your books) have been wondering about this for a while.

What "temperament" is Bear? I'm not sure if you know anything about the four temperaments, but since you're Catholic, I thought perhaps you might.

(For example: Blanche is Melancholic/Phlegmatic, Rose is Sanguine/Choleric, and Fish is Melancholic/Phlegmatic.)


"Lady Rose" said...

(laughs) I am a Fairy Tale Novels Fan!

Elizabeth said...

Ohh! I've been waiting so long for someone to make one of these!
They're all SO true!

Claire said...

Love it!!

Delaney said...

Anonymous, I believe Bear is a Phlegmatic. :)

Okay, here:

"You think New York City sounds like a lovely places to go, no matter what other people say, simply because there might be people like Bear around to help you pick up the grocery bags your mother might drop."

"You think New York City sounds like a lovely place to visit, because there might be a mysterious young man in a park who appreciates your violin music."

Anonymous said...

teehee, how bout, you know you're a fairytale fan when you wake up in the morning and you wonder whether or not you feel like rose or blanche to help you decide what to wear

Anonymous said...

this is so true for me!!

I'd have to add that at random moments you burst out "FISHIE!!" (from black as night at the airport, i laughed for 10 min. straight) and your friends all stare at you like you have 2 heads.

Elizabeth said...

I caught myself praying for the characters too! (Especially Blanche during "Black as Night"... I was pretty worried about her :)
I thought I was nuts!!!

Amanda said...

Yeah, whenever I see my friend "Miss Fishy", that's what I instinctivly say in greeting! And yeah I think about whether I feel like Blanche or Rose to help me decide what to wear!

Anonymous said...

I claimed he was phlegmatic, except all of my friends insist he's melancholic! But of course with Blanche being melancholic that wouldn't work. And Bear is too strong and easy-going to be melancholic.

regina doman said...

About the temperaments: I discussed this in a FAQ on Black as Night a few years ago. Check it out here;

It's also been discussed on the forum, but I forget where!
Thanks for the question!

regina doman said...
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regina doman said...

Okay, the URL didn't copy correctly:

And the question is: Do you use the Four Temperaments to create your characters? It's the last question on the list. HOpefully this will work!

Karen E. said...

How fun!

Regina, my daughters and I are new fans of your books, and my daughters told me just yesterday that when our current hamster passes away (they've reconciled themselves to our poor hamsters' short life spans) they plan to name the next one "Bear." They were also giggling anew about heads thrust into boxes of styrofoam balls.

We've all read "Shadow" and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of "Black as Night" which should be here any day. :-)

-- Karen Edmisten

"Princess Blanche" said...

Most of those are very true! What about imagining the minute details of their lives in your head? Or considering what Blanche or Rose would do in a certain situation? And rereading Shadow of the Bear, Black as Night, and Waking Rose hundreds of times as you wait for the next book?

"Princess Blanche"

Anonymous said...

how about, you lay in bed at night wondering what rose and fish's wedding will be like while anciously awaiting the next book to see if there's any mention of it

Ria said...

Or you use the examples of Blanche, Rose, Fish and Bear to keep the characteristics of the four temperments straight in you head.

Anonymous said...

or you forget about the four temperments all together and just use the names rose blanche bear and fish do decribe people :)

Anonymous said...

when you find out that your new guitar teacher's name is "Bear" and you litteraly almost fall into a coma right on the spot

Anonymous said...

I'm always threatining my brothers with sticking their heads in a box of styrofoam balls...hee,hee..I also sometimes burst out with a random "FISHY!!" only my mom is sympathetic with me at those moments...


Anonymous said...

Speaking as the mother of a daughter who did ballet, I recommend nail varnish rather than safety pins to stick on sequins that come off!

regina doman said...

Speaking as someone who did ballet as a child, it depends on how many sequins are coming off! When the whole net is detaching itself, sometimes safety pins work best! But for one or two, yes, nail polish works.

√čarwen said...

I LOVE your book, The Shadow of the Bear.
It was AMAZING!!
I've always loved the 'fairy tale redone' type books, and was SO glad to find an awesome one like yours!
I'm a non-denominational Christian, but I didn't mind the Catholic viewpoint - having God in there made it better!
I have a question: Could you give me the exactly paragraph when Blanch is thinking and remembering about seeing that 'princess in disguise' PLEASE? I can't find it and I need it really badly!