Friday, May 16, 2008

Hey! I'm on the Rosary Army Podcast!

If you've never heard the Rosary Army podcast, you're in for a real treat. Husband and wife team Greg and Jennifer Wilits have a weekly show about family life, the faith, and whatever comes their way. I met them at the Franciscan U Media and Faith conference: they're a great team and just darn funny! They podcast a weekly show out of the "Cloffice," their master bedroom closet. Anyhow, they just read The Shadow of the Bear and Catholic Reluctantly, and loved both of them. So they had me on to talk about the books, and even mentioned The Midnight Dancers. The interview was a lot of fun, and I personally just enjoy hearing Jen and Greg's joke and squabble on the air. Probably the best Catholic "radio jocks" out there! I'm on the second half of show #227. BTW a technical glitch ended the show early, but it was still a great interview. Click here to listen.

... there's also a great review of Shadow up at Steve McEveroy's blog. BTW if you read the review and liked the book, feel free to put a comment on the review. I think that really helps people to take the review seriously.

... plus watch for another review of the first three Fairy Tale Novels appears in this week's National Catholic Register.

Wow, this is the biggest "media blitz" I've ever had. And -- wow, my all-time sales rank on Lulu for Waking Rose just hit #101 and it is in the Top 100 Best Sellers for this week at #40! Hey, if you're considering buying the book as a graduation present, birthday present, gift to a teacher or a school library -- please go do so! Just a few more sales might push us into the top 100. Amazing!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Book is Done! Relase Date: June 1st

Just wanted to make an official announcement to say that The Midnight Dancers is finished and the official release date is June 1st. While we can't take pre-orders (although bookstores can pre-order with us), we'll be putting the book into print on June 1st at and posting links here.

As I annouced before, we're doing a special preview edition for the Illinois Catholic Homeschool Conference on May 23-24, which I will be speaking at. If you're going to the conference, you'll be able to buy a signed copy from me! Hope to see some of you there!

Right now the book is being proofread by a few of our friends, and I'm particularly grateful to Jan the Maven ( who's been giving us some excellent feedback. So revisions are still being made, but hopefully now just cosmetic ones.

We're on the home stretch! Thanks for all your prayers!

Meet the Durham Family....

For those of you who've been wanting to know more about the family of twelve girls who are the main characters in The Midnight Dancers, we've decided to post the names and ages of the all Durham girls who represent the "twelve dancing princesses" of the original Grimm's fairy tale.

I want to say thanks to all of you who participated in the "Names Guessing Game" on this blog and on the Fairy Tale Novel Forums. My husband teases me about the sadistic pleasure I get from making people guess things: but you all rose to the challenge! I still can't believe you managed to guess all fourteen names of the Durham children.

For those of you who don't want to take on the challenge, you can see the Durham's family tree here, and get to know the characters who figure in The Midnight Dancers.

The Last Battle: the Last Column

This last column on The Last Battle concludes my series on the Chronicles of Narnia of C. S. Lewis. Here's a sample:

The metaphor of Heaven as a Great Story is perfectly picked for moderns. We are unlike previous generations, who, tired out with backbreaking daily labor, dreamed of Heaven as Endless Rest, or, surrounded by the mundane and the ugly, pined for a Beatific Vision. To contemporary Americans, Endless Rest sounds like a super-long weekend, and the Beatific Vision sounds like having to spend life in front of only one painting in an art gallery.
Lewis’s genius was to portray Heaven as a Story, because there are few things that thrill we leisure-laden moderns more than going to the movies or opening a book and immersing ourselves in a good story.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Secret Door is back!

For those of you who remember the Secret Door (the hidden link) on the Black as Night website that vanished when we redid the site, I wanted to let you know that, thanks to my husband, the hidden link is back! It's somewhere on the Black as Night section of Fairy Tale It's in a new place, so even those of you who've found it before can go treasure hunting.

This hidden link is for those of you who've read and finished Black as Night and are interested in finding out how much the book changed before it was finally published. You'll need your copy of Black as Night (any edition) to get the key to the Secret Door when you find it.

Happy hunting!