Thursday, June 5, 2008

First Review of the Midnight Dancers!

The first review of the Midnight Dancers appeared at Lady Rose's blogspot. But I forgot to post it here! To try to make ammends, I am doing it now. It was a wonderful review. Enjoy!

Love comes softly. That is how I describe my reaction after reading The Midnight Dancers, the lastest in the Fairy Tale Novel series by Regina Doman. After reading it through one - very quickly, as I usually read - I admit I was not as impressed and enthralled as I had been after reading Regina's other books The Shadow of the Bear, Black as Night and Waking Rose. I liked it very much, I just was not sure how much. A few hours later, I picked it up and started it again - somthing I only do with the Fairy Tale Novels. By the time I finished it again, I was in love. more...

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Lady Rose said...

Thank you Regina!