Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey hey hey, Shadow's back on Amazon again!

Okay, some of you will be thinking,"What? Shadow of the Bear has been on Amazon since last year, through Amazon merchants. And of course I can get old copies of the Bethlehem version on Amazon."

True, true. But now for the very first time, my edition of Shadow with the new cover can be ordered directly from Amazon! This is because my husband and I decided to bow to the inevitable and officially become publishers, with ISBN numbers and everything. After several months of work, we have the new edition all set up with Lightning Source, who funnels orders directly to Ingrams, Spring Arbor, and big distributors like Amazon.

So what does this mean? This means you can go to your library and ask them to get a copy of the new Shadow in hardcover, and they can. You can ask your local bookstore to stock it, and they can order it right from the usual distributor they use for everything else. You can order copies for Christmas from Amazon and take advantage of FREE Super Saver Shipping! And it hopefully means lots less work for me and more time to work on writing the next book. :)

In just a week or two, hopefully the rest of the books will be up on Amazon as well. They'll be listed as "in stock" on Amazon: give me a shout out if you see them there before I do. And as usual, I will beg your generousity in supplying reviews for the book on Amazon: just cut and paste your reviews from the older editions if you like.

So click here to see the Amazon page of the hardcover edition of Shadow of the Bear. Feel free to rate it, review it, or just enjoy seeing the book easing out "into the mainstream" at last!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Blessing God's Way in Steubenville!

If you are a female student at Steubenville, or a mom with daughters who lives in the area, you might want to check out this Blessing God's Way conference my sister Alicia is helping to organize. This is a 'coming of age' program for moms and daughters that, although not Catholic, does a wonderfully insightful job of communicating the tremendous significance of women and women's bodies in God's plan. If you've never thought of your monthly cycle as having any significance theologically, you need to attend this conference! If interested, click the link!

Waking Rose reviewed at Binnorie O Binnorie

Check out this review at Rosa's blog, Binnorie O Binnorie: if you like it, feel free to comment! Here's an excerpt:

One thing I love about Regina is that she doesn't feel the need to bombard the pages of her books with explicit details about painful subjects. Instead, she handles the situations with grace, providing the reader an insight into the pain that the character is experiencing rather than the details of the event which acted as a catalyst to the character's internal struggle. Fish is now one of my all-time favorite literary characters. His struggles are so hurtful that I felt actual physical pain as I read the book.
Written by a devout Catholic homeschooling mother, The Fairy Tale Novels are memorable reads, full of epic plots, real characters and Christian truth.