Friday, February 13, 2009

Running into the Arms of God

If you have a moment, take a look at Amy Welborn's reflections on her husband Michael Debruiel's death at her blog here. The word "Euthus" stood out for her as a description of his life. Read the post to find out why.

I had the great blessing of speaking to the person who was on the treadmill next to Michael and was the first to come to his aid. ....(she told me) there was no struggle or consciousness of what had happened, no words, no stopping, clutching of chest or struggling for breath. He simply dropped mid-stride and within a minute had stopped breathing. ....One of Michael’s coworkers wrote that since Michael died while he was running, she imagined him running right into Jesus’ arms. He was looking for Jesus, and finally, being finished running that race, reached him at last. read more

As a writer, I can appreciate how Amy was able to write so beautifully and so eloquently in the midst of her grief. That is often how it is, for writers.

Please pray for their family. And if you want to help support the family by buying one of Michael's books, (this is Amy's request) please do so.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Very Sad News

I write with great sadness to tell you of the death of my friend Amy Welborn's husband, Michael Dubruiel. Yesterday at an Alabaman gym, Michael collapsed and could not be revived by paramedics.

I first knew Amy when she was a single mother writing columns and reviews for Our Sunday Visitor. She took an interest in my writing for teens and my novels, which her daughters enjoyed, and she was generous in recommending my books to others through her popular blogs back when every little bit of publicity I could get made a difference. I was thrilled when she married fellow Catholic writer Michael Dubruiel.
Between the two of them, they have authored over twenty books, separately and together, including Amy's popular book De-Coding Mary Magdalene and Michael's bestselling The How-To Book of the Mass. Their latest jointly-written book is John Paul II's Biblical Way of the Cross.

I can only imagine how the family has been devastated by the loss of this good husband and father, not to mention their breadwinner. I don't yet know of an address where donations could be sent, but I am sure that any would be appreciated: I will post if I can find one. In the meantime, I know that buying Michael's books would help them all through this difficult time period.

Michael Dubruiel was a man who put his whole life as much as possible for the service of Christ and His Church. May his soul rest in peace.