Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trespasses Against Us: Pre-order Book Two!

It's here. At last.

I am pleased to announce the second installment in a book series that's very close to my heart, John Paul 2 High Book Two: Trespasses Against Us. The saga of seven students in a Catholic start-up school and their tempestuous relationship to the massive secular school next door continues and intensifies. As Series Creator (and as you know, I prefer the title Series Queen) I have to say I think this is even better that Book One, Catholic Reluctantly. More suspense. More action. More craziness. More Catholic truth.

Celia Costain finds it tough being thought of as the perfect principal's daughter at John Paul 2 High. Being Catholic has never been easy, but now Celia’s friends are all dating and say she’s uptight. Celia can deal with that, but how can she relax with someone stalking her friend Allie?
And no one will tell her what’s really going on!

So click here to pre-order the book! It won't arrive in time for Easter, alas, but you could always ask your parents to order it for you and put a note in your Easter basket saying it's coming!