Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Orders for the Fairy Tale Novels

If you're planning on ordering any of the Fairy Tale Novels directly from us through our website for Christmas, make sure you do it soon!  Order your hardcovers on or before December 7th and your softcovers by December 11th!   These books are shipped directly from the printer, so we can't have them signed, unfortunately.  But if you miss those dates, you can always get them from local bookstores that stock the novels or from Adoremus Books, Catholic Child, Catholic CompanyFamily Life Center (special sale for $14.40!), Southwell Books (for UK readers) or of course, Amazon.   God bless your holiday shopping!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paul and Rachel -- Dolls!

Don't tell my daughter, but this Christmas I'm giving her dolls based on two of my book characters, Paul Fester and Rachel Durham!  How did this happen?  Well, this Christmas, one of my favorite toy companies, Nova Natural, began selling their wonderful Evi dolls as dressable dolls

For years my children have been playing with these dolls, made of wool and cotton by a fair-trade labor cooperative, which are available in various fairy-tale characters, including knights and princesses.  But my girls kept trying to change the clothes on the dolls, which are sewn on the bodies.  I asked Nova Natural if they would consider carrying dressable dolls, and this Christmas season, they have them at last!

Click here to see pictures of their dollhouse family which come with removeable modern clothing. I ordered the father and mother dolls, and so this Christmas, my oldest daughter and I are dressing up two of them as characters from The Midnight Dancers!

(A caveat: The Midnight Dancers is "PG" (parental guidance suggested), but my husband read it aloud to my ten-year old (with judicious edits). That's how she knows about the characters and she loves them.)  Here you can see some of the clothes 'in progress.' In the photo above, the doll Rachel leaves aside her apron for the glamorous dancing dress (finished!), while juggler Paul Fester (played by the father doll) tries to reason with her.  Paul's shirt and vest are in progress, and his jeans came with the Nova Natural doll.  (PS: Yes, I know that Paul should have brown hair, but I didn't think of that till after I got the dolls!)

And here we have Paul instructing Rachel's younger sisters Linette and Debbie (played by the Nova Natural boy and girl dollhouse doll) in the fine art of juggling.  (Again, I should have ordered the blond girl doll (who is adorable) to play Linette, but I had already gotten the boy doll. He's actually destined to be a knight doll, and a present for my son -- but I had him pose for the photo first.)  The rainbow cloth the dolls are dancing on is destined to become Paul's harlequin vest -- and yes, I'll be making him a black ninja outfit.

Now that the Evi dolls are dressable, I see myriads of possibilities: I've started making dress patterns for princess dresses for them.  If you buy an Evi Doll and want to have a look at my pattern, email me and let me know!  

So if you like dollhouse dolls and are looking for a natural and modest alternative to a Barbie doll or Polly Pocket, I highly recommend the new dressable Evi dolls.  With a little bit of sewing, you can make them into princes, princesses, fairies, Our Lady of Guadalupe, the saints -- the options are limited only by your imagination. Check them out here!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Cool Review of The Midnight Dancers

Here's an excerpt:
I wasn’t surprised at all to find a solidly good story with realistic Christian characters. I was surprised by the story in ways that… well, surprised me:

~ a main male character who reflected the self-sacrificial love of Christ.
~ a positive reflection of Protestants and Catholics with a refreshingly genuine Catholic character.
~ the presentation of Eastern medicine/martial arts blending with Western in a way that does not assume an unnecessary dichotomy.
~ a presentation of truth about the feminine and masculine woven in a way that’s bound to make certain modern feminists yearn for what they do not yet understand that they have missed.

Thanks for the thoughtful review, Tween Lit Crit!
PS: Notice the spiffy new cover on The Midnight Dancers?  I finally got a non-fuzzy photo. :)
And here's a short review of The Shadow of the Bear by Sacred Heart of Jesus Academy at Homeschool

Congratulations to Joanna Fons!

Fairy Tale Novel Fan Joanna Fons won the "New Face" of the SHOP ad competition.  Joanna wrote to me asking me to cast a vote in the competition and said, "I'm really surprised since I don't even think it's that great of a picture of me, but still really excited!"  I wasn't too surprised that she won the competition!   Take a look at the blog post here.

Congratulations Joanna!  I hope this is a good first step into the fashion world for you! 

Maidens By His Design Workshop This Weekend

I'll be at the Strasburg Presbyterian Church this weekend selling books at the Maidens By His Design workshop hosted by my friend Doran!  Check out her really cool ministry here.  I'll be selling the Fairy Tale Novels, John Paul 2 High, and Awakening, so if you're in the area, come by and do some Christmas shopping!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get the Fairy Tale Novels at your local EBM

Have you ever heard of an EBM?  The Expresso Book Machine is a revolutionary invention, an "ATM for books."  You tell the machine what title you want, and the machine will print, bind, trim, and deliver the perfect-bound, full color cover, library-quality paperback book to you while you wait: about four minutes. Click here to find out more.

EBMs are starting to appear in bookstores and someday may even be in libraries. Right now, about two million titles are available to be printed through an EBM--and the Fairy Tale Novels are among them.  It's hard to believe it, but through a strategic partnership, all tiltles available through our printer, Lightning Source, are available at an EBM, which means that our books could potentially be available anywhere in the world--so long as there's an EBM nearby.

So if you spot an EBM at your bookstore, just know you've found one of the fastest, easiest ways available to get your own copy of The Shadow of the Bear, Black as Night, Waking Rose, and The Midnight DancersAnd if you use an EBM to buy one of my books, let me know!