Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting Ready to Work on Alex O'Donnell's Book...

As many of you know, I'm planning a fifth Fairy Tale Novel, hopefully to be published this summer, based on the further adventures of Alex O'Donnell and Kateri Kovach, two characters who appear in Waking Rose.  I finished the first draft this summer, and am now having some tecchie friends review the book for me.  Why?  Because this is my first attempt at a techno-thriller and I hope it's not too laughable.  But it is supposed to be a fun, almost campy book, and in that way, I hope it's something readers will laugh at.  After the relatively serious books of Waking Rose and Midnight Dancers, Alex's book (tentatively titled "Alex O'Donnell and the Forty Cyberthieves") should be a fun diversion. 

So stay tuned for updates!  As befitting a techno-book, I'm attempting right now to streamline communications by using my Facebook page (I attempted to make a fan page for myself, which I hope you will consider becoming fans of: the link is on the blog sidebar) and Twitter to do updates.  Please forgive any accidental overlap, and if you think of it, pray for me as I write! I know the prayers always help my writing, so it's no small request.  And hopefully I will have more of an update soon!